Inspiration comes in many shapes and guises, I find inspiration everywhere but the inspiration for this website came out of frustration, a perfectly legitimate emotion to inspire you, and mine was seeing the same products everywhere. I am not the same as everybody else, and I really don't want to be. I want to surround myself with original, well-made, objects that last and also products that tell a story. 

Having a history in B2B retail I have seen the most beautiful products taken out of collections because they were not commercial enough or would be too expensive, and I'm guessing, although I could be wrong, if I liked them then someone else is going to like them too. 

I love beautiful things, whether that is in the shape of a great chair, a beautiful tree, a gorgeous cushion, someone's face, a great pair of shoes - wherever beauty shows itself I love it. 

I also love a good story, everything we own has a story attached to it and I want to find products that either have a story,  or can be the start of a story.  

Almost forgot, and this is quite important, I love the planet and so am not going to be selling mass-produced products, the products I sell have to be design-led, if possible, have sustainability at their heart or even better recycled and if I can source from UK suppliers I will, failing that I will stretch my wings and see who else is out there making beautiful products.  

As the great Vivienne Westwood said "buy less, choose well, make it last" Could not have put it better myself!

With love 

PJ x